Starting in August 2018, Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University students and full and part-time employees will receive annual UTA transit passes at no charge. The new pass plan is sponsored by the universities and is designed to alleviate traffic congestion and parking issues and to help promote clean air.

Eligible riders will be able to use the pass on the new bus rapid transit (BRT) line that will connect the Provo and Orem FrontRunner stations with both campuses and other community destinations. Buses will run every six minutes during peak travel times on a 10.5-mile route. The pass can also be used on local and express buses, FrontRunner, TRAX and the S-Line.

UTA President/CEO Jerry Benson said the program will encourage new riders to make public transportation part of their regular travel.

“By offering full transit access to students, we’re helping the next generation of workers become more familiar with public transit so they will continue using it for years to come after graduating,” Benson said.

Students must take at least one course on campus to be eligible for a pass. Passes will become invalid if the student quits or graduates or the employee leaves university employment.

The pass program will remain in place for the next 10 years. Student fees are not expected to increase to cover the cost of the passes. 

Utah Valley University President Matthew S. Holland called the pass program an investment in the university’s future.

“Research shows the majority stay in Utah after graduation. This is a step toward preserving and protecting this beautiful valley for them and others who come behind us.”

The program is expected to help Utah Valley cope with traffic congestion and poor air quality as its population increases.

“This is an effort to provide a service for our campus community that will also reduce congestion and promote clean air in the valley,” said Brigham Young University President Kevin J. Worthen.

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