Tap and Go and Save

There’s a more convenient way to pay your fare: buy a prepaid, reloadable FAREPAY Card. No need to carry exact change or wait at the ticket machine - simply load money to your card prior to your trip, tap it on the card reader, and ride. Not only is the FAREPAY Card an easy way to pay, but it also saves you money!

FAREPAY cardholders save 20% off local bus, TRAX, S-Line, and Express Bus fare and up to 20% off FrontRunner fare (FrontRunner savings vary between 17 and 20%, depending on distance traveled). FAREPAY Cards cannot be used on Paratransit. FAREPAY Cards can be used to pay for Ski Bus but do not receive discounts on these services.

FAREPAY Card Rates

Local bus, TRAX, and S-Line: $2.00 (20% off regular cash fare of $2.50)
Express Bus: $4.00 (20% off regular cash fare of $5.00)
FrontRunner: click here for trip costs (between 17 and 20% off regular cash fare, depending on distance)

* FAREPAY Card savings do not apply to Ski bus, but you may still pay for these services using your FAREPAY card.

Reduced-Fare FAREPAY Card Rates

The Reduced Fare FAREPAY Card is available to youth, seniors, people with disabilities, and people who qualify as having low income. This card offers an additional 50% off the FAREPAY rate:

Local bus, TRAX, and S-Line: $1.00 (50% off FAREPAY rate of $2.00)
Express Bus: $2.00 (50% off FAREPAY rate of $4.00)
FrontRunner: click here for trip costs (50% off FAREPAY rates, depending on distance)

* Reduced Fare FAREPAY Card savings do not apply to Ski bus, but you may still pay for these services using your FAREPAY card.

Reduced-fare FAREPAY cards can be applied for here or at UTA Customer Service locations. For details, click here.

Buying a FAREPAY Card

Purchase FAREPAY cards here, at UTA Customer Service centers, and from participating retailers.

To find a FAREPAY vendor near you, click here.

How to Use FAREPAY

  • Activate your card by following instructions in packaging for cards purchased online.  Retailers activate cards at checkout for in-store purchases.  There is a one-time card issuance fee of $3.
  • Create a web account at farepay.rideuta.com and add your card to the account for loss and theft protection as well as for convenient account management.
  • Tap card on card reader when boarding, exiting or transferring between UTA bus, TRAX, FrontRunner and street car services.  When transferring between TRAX lines (i.e. Blue Line to Red Line), only tap card at first and last stations.  Card readers are located inside buses near doors and at UTA rail stations.
  • Remember to Tap Off your card so that you get charged the correct amount.  If you forget to Tap Off, you will be charged for the maximum FrontRunner trip ($8.00 with FAREPAY promotion).
  • If you have other contactless credit cards in your wallet, be sure to take out your FAREPAY Card when tapping it on a card reader.  This will prevent your other contactless credit cards from being charged.
  • Use FAREPAY Card for fare payment only after activation and when the card reader has given a green light.  If the card reader gives a red light, card is not valid for fare payment and another form of payment is required.
  • Present card to UTA police when asked to present proof of fare.

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