To enhance safety and the riding experience on UTA, riders are asked to abide by the following rules. Questions on Rider Rules can be referred to UTA Customer Service.

  1. Food and beverages in closed containers may be brought on UTA buses, TRAX, Streetcar and FrontRunner, but eating on UTA vehicles is not permitted.
  2. Earphones are required when using audio or video devices, and loud noises are prohibited.
  3. Parents are required to supervise their children at all times.
  4. Strollers must be foldable and be able to fit safely on ramp platforms and vehicle lifts.
  5. The placement of large items such as strollers is permissible in the securement area and priority seating only if riders in mobility devices do not need the area.
  6. While riding the bus, federal law requires all riders to stay behind the white line located behind the driver.
  7. All riders are required to obey reasonable requests from the vehicle operator or any other UTA representative. This includes whether carry-on items are acceptable. Conversations with the bus driver that distract from the safe operation of the bus are prohibited.
  8. Inappropriate, obscene or disorderly conduct is prohibited including using profane, vulgar, foul or abusive language, fighting or threatening to fight, spitting and lewd behavior. Riders may not commit or maintain a public nuisance as defined in Section 76-10-803 of the Utah Criminal Code.
  9. The use of illegal drugs or alcohol consumption and inappropriate behavior resulting from drug and alcohol use are prohibited on any part of UTA’s system or property.
  10. Obscene attire is not permitted, and shirts and shoes are required. The feet of persons with disabilities must be covered (paratransit only).
  11. Individuals with a communicable illness are encouraged to not board any UTA vehicle. Individuals with exposed wounds, bodily emissions, and/or exposed bodily fluids is prohibited.
  12. Vandalism, willful destruction of UTA property and littering are prohibited.
  13. Riders may not wear skates on board a UTA vehicle. Skates, skateboards, scooters and other sporting equipment are permitted to be carried on board but must be under the control of the rider at all times.
  14. For safety, please keep vehicle aisles and areas near doors clear of any obstacles and objects at all times.
  15. Federal regulations prohibit the transport of flammable or explosive materials, including automotive batteries, on transit vehicles. Battery packs for electric mobility devices and portable oxygen tanks are exempt from this requirement.
  16. Heads, arms and other body parts must be kept inside the transit vehicle at all times. Objects are not to be thrown through any vehicle window.
  17. Emanating a noxious odor from body, clothing, or possessions that disrupts service is prohibited, unless the odor relates to a disability or medical condition that is not caused by exposed wounds, bodily emissions, and/or exposed bodily fluids.
  18. Tobacco use is prohibited on UTA vehicles, rail stations, bus stops, and on all other UTA-owned property.
  19. Large items that do not block doors, aisles or priority seating and can be easily boarded through doors and aisles are permitted on buses and trains. Wet, leaking or items believed to contain hazardous substances are not permissible. Items must be able to be carried onto the vehicle by a single person in a single trip. On buses items must be loaded only  through front doors. Passengers must control all items at all times.

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