Carpool and save!

Save money, improve air quality and take advantage of the HOV lanes by carpooling. 

Carpooling is easy!  Simply find a driver with an open seat heading your way to work, fun or other destination.  Many carpoolers meet at a park & ride lot or other common location and rotate who drives each day.  By sharing a ride, you can save hundreds of dollars each year in gas, auto maintenance, repairs and parking fees. Plus you are doing your part to clear the air by taking a car off the road.

Besides saving money, carpools opens up a world of other benefits for you, too.  On the days you don’t drive, you can relax on your way to work.  Since you’ll have another rider in your vehicle, you can take advantage of the HOV lane and avoid traffic congestion.

Find a Carpool Match

People like you are looking for someone to split a ride and Carpool.  You may work near each other, need to regularly go somewhere (like shopping or to school) or it can be a “one time only” Carpool to an event. 

You can meet up with a Carpool in your neighborhood or at a UTA Park & Ride lot. UTA has over 150 Park & Ride lots that are designed for commuters to meet their Carpools, Vanpools or bus.

UTA can match you to a fellow commuter who is looking to Carpool. For details, click here

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