UTA Moves 2050


Utah Transit Authority (UTA) has been a leader in providing transit options across the Wasatch Front—ranging from commuter rail, light rail transit (LRT), streetcar, bus rapid transit (BRT), and local buses, to flexible services serving lower density areas. The extensive mix and quality of services demonstrate that the agency can respond to diverse community priorities across the service area. 

UTA is developing a 30-year Long Range Transit Plan (LRTP)—UTA Moves 2050—focused on understanding and responding to the future needs of the communities we serve. The goals of UTA Moves 2050 are to strengthen partnerships with the communities we serve, access long-term transit needs, develop a system-wide vision for the future, and establish strategies for implementation.


This website will keep you connected to the plan development. You can:

  • Tell us what matters most to you through surveys and engagement opportunities
  • Learn what's new and get notices for upcoming meetings
  • Keep tabs on the work underway and review our analysis and findings

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