Apply for the UTA Reduced Fare FAREPAY Card Today!

The UTA Reduced Fare FAREPAY Card provides a 50% discount off the already-discounted FAREPAY Card rate to all qualifying seniors, youth, persons with disabilities, and individuals who qualify based on income. The discount includes bus, TRAX, FrontRunner, S-Line streetcar, and UTA On Demand. You can pay for Ski Bus using your card, but this service does not qualify for the discounted fare.

Riders must apply and qualify for the Reduced Fare FAREPAY Card to receive reduced fare benefits. All riders are eligible for the standard FAREPAY Card.

How To Apply

  • Apply online (Chrome and Safari are the preferred browsers).
  • Verify identification and eligibility. Click here for more info.
  • Receive your new Reduced Fare FAREPAY Card after application has been approved.

Benefits of the Reduced Fare FAREPAY Card:

  • 50% discount off FAREPAY fares
  • Card loss and damage protection*
  • Card theft protection*
  • Easy to manage online, at UTA Customer Service locations, or at participating retailers 
  • No card fees

*Benefits apply to registered cards only.

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Who Qualifies?

Youth 50% Ages 6-18 5 years or 19th birthday
Seniors 50% Ages 65+ 5 years from application date
Persons with disabilities 50% Medicare or healthcare professional verification 5 years from application date
Low-income individuals 50% Member of a participating program* or income level 150% or less of federal poverty guidelines 1 year from application date

*All applicants must fill out the application in order to qualify to take advantage of the Reduced Fare FAREPAY Card.

How To Use Your New Card

  • Activate your card and create a web account at Add your card to the account for loss and theft protection, as well as for convenient account management. You can also add funds to your account here.
  • Tap card* on card reader when boarding, exiting, or transferring between UTA bus, TRAX, FrontRunner, Ski Bus, and S-Line streetcar services. When transferring between TRAX lines (e.g. Blue Line to Red Line), only tap card at first and last stations. Card readers are located inside buses near doors and at UTA rail stations.
  • Remember to Tap Off your card so that you get charged the correct amount. If you forget to Tap Off, you will be charged for the maximum FrontRunner trip ($4.00 with Reduced Fare FAREPAY Card).
  • Use card for fare payment only after activation and when card reader has given green light. If card reader gives red light, card is not valid for fare payment and another form of payment is required.
  • Present card to UTA police when asked to present proof of fare.

If you have additional questions or need help filling out an application, please contact customer service at 801-RIDE-UTA (801-743-3882) or at

*The Reduced Fare FAREPAY Card may be shown to the operator or fare inspector and the customer may pay the reduced fare using cash. The reduced cash fare is 50% of the regular cash fare.

How To Ride

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