Plan, Track and Pay for your trip in one app. Download Transit today!

Riding, planning and paying just got easier on UTA! You can now access UTA’s system with an easy-to-use app for trip planning, real-time tracking, multimodal connections (TRAX, FrontRunner, Bus, Streetcar and UTA On Demand) and fare payment.

The UTA GoRide app has been replaced with the Transit app, which gives riders the ability to purchase almost all fare types, including a reduced fare option for qualified riders. Transit also offers the ability to choose third-party options like bikes, scooters and Ridehail services. You can customize trips, get service alerts, get a holiday heads up (know before you go), save favorite locations and choose app icons.

Transit app offers users a reliable and intuitive service at every step of the journey. Download the app today and start riding!

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How to purchase a ticket in Transit

  1. Tap “Buy Ticket” for bus or TRAX then select ticket type (Regular or Reduced Fare)
  2. Purchasing a FrontRunner ticket, choose your origin and destination
  3. Read and accept the ticket rules, then choose the number of tickets
  4. Create a Transit account or sign in with an existing account
  5. Finalize your purchase by tapping “Proceed to payment”, tap “Place order”, your purchase will be confirmed
  6. You can activate your ticket at time of purchase or wait until just before you board.
  7. Go to the profile screen to buy more tickets, see existing tickets, activate new tickets and check out your transaction history

For more detailed instructions with visuals click here or watch this video.

Ticket Details:

  • You can buy your tickets prior to riding and activate them when you are ready to ride. Unused tickets will expire after 90 days.
  • Once you activate your ticket a countdown clock will show how much time you have before your ticket expires. After 15 minutes your ticket need to be reactivated to show a fare inspector or to board. An activated ticket will have an animated colored bar and QR Code.
  • Show your active ticket screen to the operator when boarding the bus or fare inspector when riding TRAX. If you are using a reduced-fare ticket, you will also need to show your discount qualification (Reduced Fare ID, Medical card, or proof of age 65+).

For additional help contact UTA customer service at 801-RIDE-UTA (801-743-3882) or at Or contact Transit at or go directly to Transit Troubleshooting Guide.

How to plan your trip in Transit

  1. Download Transit app
  2. From the home screen tap the search bar and enter your destination
  3. Tap the search result you want
  4. Compare your options using public transport and other modes
  5. Tap a trip to see more detail
  6. Tap GO to get step-by-step instructions during your trip

For more detailed instructions with visuals visit Transit’s Plan a Trip from A to B. Transit also offers Transit Royale, a premium service, free to UTA subscribers. Find out more here.

Happy Riding!

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