The Wasatch Front is one of the fastest-growing regions in the nation. UTA is helping guide this growth by providing services that improve air quality, conserve our natural resources, and enhance our quality of life.

UTA’s Electric Bus Fleet

UTA currently has 34 battery-electric buses in the fleet. Eleven of these buses operate on the Ogden Express (OGX) Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line. The remaining buses operate in Salt Lake County. UTA has high-powered overhead chargers located at key transit centers as well as overnight chargers at two bus garages.

Tooele County UTA On Demand Electrification

UTA’s Tooele County UTA On Demand zone operates with 10 Ford E-Transit electric, ADA-accessible, 6-passenger vans. The service is supported by Level 3 chargers in system and Level 2 overnight chargers at the garage.

Zero-Emission Bus Transition Plan

The Zero-Emission Bus Plan provides the roadmap for moving toward a 50% alternative-powered bus fleet by 2024, including over 200 battery-electric buses.

UTA-Rocky Mountain Power Interagency Partnership Agreement

This cooperative partnership between UTA and Rocky Mountain Power fosters collaboration on joint clean energy projects. It focuses on energy efficiency, electric vehicles, electrical infrastructure, grid resilience, and research/grants. For more information, see UTA’s WattSmart Plan.

Intermodal Hub Project

UTA’s work with researchers at Utah State University will lead to an energy management system for UTA’s Salt Lake Central Intermodal Hub, managing electricity usage for bus and rail services.

ASPIRE Electric Vehicle Infrastructure — A Regional Partnership

Advancing Sustainability through Powered Infrastructure for Roadway Electrification (ASPIRE) received $2.1 million in ongoing funding through Senate Bill 125 Transportation Infrastructure Amendments. With this new ongoing funding, ASPIRE will facilitate strategic planning and development to guide Utah to an electrified and intelligent transit system. Visit ASPIRE’s website for additional information regarding ongoing efforts.

Air Quality Monitoring Project

Since 2014, three TRAX trains have been equipped with research grade monitors that cover the valley, relaying emissions data every 10 seconds. This project was implemented in partnership with the University of Utah and the Utah Department of Environmental Quality. Visit the project page for additional information.

In 2021, air quality monitors were added to some of UTA’s electric buses. This project has allowed for more flexible data collection. Additionally, it ensures communities receive attention and provides essential information for future air quality improvement efforts. Visit the project story map for more details.

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