What's Going On?

The Davis-Salt Lake City Community Connector is a proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system that connects communities in southern Davis County to northern Salt Lake County. UTA leads this project in collaboration with local cities, Davis and Salt Lake counties, UDOT, WFRC, and the University of Utah. The Davis-Salt Lake City Community Connector improves public transportation and offers better access to employment, entertainment, and recreational areas. It aligns with broader transportation plans for the area, building on the success of existing routes and focusing on increased mobility and corridor revitalization.

This project overlaps with Salt Lake City’s 200 South Transit Corridor at 300 East, 500 East, 700 East, and 900 East. These transit stops have Business Access Transit (BAT) lanes, in-lane bus stops with floating bus boarding platforms, and buffered bike lanes behind the bus boarding platforms.

Quick Facts

  • 26-mile route
  • Connects Farmington FrontRunner Station to Research Park
  • Includes 18 battery electric buses
  • Replaces Routes 455 and 470 south of Farmington FrontRunner Station
  • Passes through Farmington, Bountiful, Centerville, North Salt Lake, and Salt Lake City
  • Utilizes existing roadways without dedicated lanes
  • Includes a mix of stops and stations (refer to map for details)
  • Offers 15-minute service throughout the day and 30-minute intervals in early morning/late evening
  • Features transit signal priority in Salt Lake City
  • Current estimated cost: $75 million

Purpose & Need

As the region expands, the demand for enhanced transit between South Davis County and Salt Lake City intensifies. This BRT route will boost mobility and connectivity across multiple communities. It increases service frequency, improves access to key destinations, strengthens connections with the FrontRunner system, addresses current service gaps, and fosters regional growth and economic development. Additionally, the route enhances regional accessibility, particularly for off-peak travel and transit-dependent populations. The project includes consolidating two major bus routes and upgrading transit amenities to offer a more efficient and comfortable commute.



Estimated Timeline (subject to change)


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Contact Information

Hotline: (385) 381-4201

Email: info@sldavisconnector.com

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