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Four Ways to Plan Your Trip using UTA's Trip Planner (above)

Use any combination of the following options to plan a trip from your desired origin and destination locations:

Map: Left-click on the map and drag your mouse to move the map to your starting or ending location. Left-click on the desired location and from the pop-up window, select from either the “from here” or “to here” options. Once your trip origin and destination locations have been selected, the addresses will populate in address field located on the left-hand column of the Trip Planner.

Address: As the Trip Planner’s default option, to plan a trip using an address type in your origin address into the appropriate field. A drop down menu of potential address matches will appear, and you can select your desired address from the list. Repeat the process to provide the Trip Planner with the location of your trip destination.

Landmark: Select the landmark tab to plan trips from a list of well-established landmarks in UTA’s service area. Choose a landmark category from the drop down menu and then select from a list of popular locations in that category.

Stop: Select the Trip Planner’s Stop Tab and then plan your trip by entering your bus stop’s Stop ID number. Bus Stop ID numbers are located on the physical UTA sign at each stop. This feature also allows you to enter a street address which will then provide a list of all bus stop ID’s on that street.

Once your origin and destination addresses have been successfully entered into the Trip Planner, enter additional trip details into the appropriate fields including your dates and times you wish to travel. Please note the Trip Planner will not plan trips more than 30 days into the future.

The Trip Planner’s Advanced Options Menu allows you to filter results based on travel time, fewest number of transfers or shortest walking distance. Trips can also be filtered by mode of travel. Selecting rail will produce itineraries that only include UTA TRAX, FrontRunner or Streetcar services and selecting bus will show trips that only include UTA bus service. Selecting both bus and rail will generate itineraries that may include all UTA services.

When you have entered in the necessary information, clicking the Submit button will direct the Trip Planner to generate travel itineraries. The Reset button will clear all fields on the form.

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