Standard Operating Procedure


Mitigate any negative effects created by construction sites, especially as they relate to transit operations and Utah Transit Authority (UTA) patronage. Pre-construction planning and regular coordination with general contractors allows schedules and other important information to be communicated with the necessary departments and people within UTA.

Scale and Scope:

Construction management is to be assessed on a site-specific basis. Pre-construction plans are to be coordinated prior to the commencement of any site preparation or construction.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Development partners are to oversee construction, along with a general contractor.
  • UTA Transit-Oriented-Development (TOD) Staff is to work alongside its development partners, attend regularly scheduled coordination meetings, and communicate necessary information to UTA departments.


Building construction is to comply with any relevant standards set by the local government in which a project occurs, including plan review and permitting requirements, inspections, and certification of occupancy. Any UTA-specific contracts over $200,000 shall be reviewed and approved by the UTA Board of Trustees.

End Product:

The end product of the Construction Management Process is a completely constructed site, including all improvements described in an approved site and financial analysis.


  1. Coordinate Construction & Staging Locations: The TOD Department is to work alongside development partners and other consultants (e.g. architects, engineers, etc.) to define where and when areas within the site may be used for construction and staging, especially when adjacent to transit infrastructure.
  2. Install Necessary Signage: The TOD Department is to work with general contractors to determine an appropriate and effective means of directing people to and from stations and other transit facilities.
  3. Organize & Attend Regular Coordination Meetings: Regular coordination meetings are to be scheduled by development partners. Coordination meetings are to occur at a minimum of once per month.
  4. Prepare Regular Updates: General progress is to be communicated to the acting manager of the TOD Department at a minimum of once per month. General progress is to be communicated with Executive Staff on a quarterly basis, or as otherwise requested.

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