Each month we highlight a rider that avidly uses UTA services and creates community through their ridership in their own way. This month we’re talking with E.J. Marvin, a daily FrontRunner rider that commutes from Roy Station to Provo Central Station for work.

E.J. was suggested by FrontRunner Operations Supervisor, Joy Carpenter. Joy says, “He looks for ways to be helpful and kind to others and he knows a thing or two about FrontRunner trains. He is willing to share his expertise with passengers or FrontRunner employees who have spent less time riding the rails. Over the years, many of us have come to call him a real friend.”

Length of Ridership

E.J. has been riding FrontRunner since it opened in December 2008.

Typical Day on UTA

Five days a week, E.J. travels on FrontRunner from his home in Roy to his job at Master Muffler in Provo. He always leaves at 6:16 in the morning and arrives home at 7:17 p.m. He also uses FrontRunner and TRAX for date nights with his wife. She takes FrontRunner from Roy and he meets her in Salt Lake for nights out on the town. His son has also started using FrontRunner and the Ogden 601 Bus Route to get to NUAMES High School at Weber State University.

Reason for Riding

“I ride FrontRunner because I don’t have to drive in traffic and it saves me a ton of money in gas and repairs,” says Marvin. “I really don’t like to play games or read while I ride, as I prefer to help passengers and crew members.”

E.J. goes on to say, “When train hosts are running late, I put out the bridge plate for special needs passengers. During emergencies, I try to help out, sharing information with fellow riders. When an employee twisted her ankle, I notified the train operator. I also stayed with a small boy that was separated from his parents at the Roy station until the police arrived.”

E.J. is a friend to UTA and fellow riders in so many ways. He helps to diagnose train issues by sharing his mechanical expertise, he encourages hosts to apply for maintenance positions, and helps riders who are having car trouble in park and ride lots.


Tips for Riding from E.J.

Study your train schedule. You need to pay attention to your arrival and departure times. Operators can’t wait, and I have seen too many people miss the train because they didn’t plan ahead.

Be patient. The majority of delays are due to incidents that are out of UTA’s control. They have amazing people that work around the clock to get you from home to work as fast as they possibly can.

Exit quicker. Too many riders don’t prepare to exit when the train announcements notify them that it’s time. When this happens, they can often get stuck on the train until the next stop.

Outside of work and his FrontRunner commute, E.J. spends his time with his wife and three boys. The whole family participates in Boy Scouts of America in one capacity or another.

Thanks for riding, E.J.!

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