Work is underway on a new pedestrian bridge that will improve access between Orem FrontRunner Station and Utah Valley University. The 1,022-foot bridge will span I-15, Union Pacific and UTA tracks, making it easy for pedestrians and cyclists to connect to the university.

At a groundbreaking ceremony today, UVU President Matthew Holland said the bridge will help shape the community, calling it “a strong engine for critical change [to help foster] clean air, livable communities and a prosperous future.”

The project is the result of a partnership between the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), UTA and UVU. The bridge will be covered, have nighttime safety lighting and will feature a heated deck to prevent snow buildup. It will also be equipped with both stairs and elevators to make it compatible with ADA requirements. The bridge is scheduled for completion in August 2019. 

UTA is helping fund and construct bridge, trail and sidewalk projects across the Wasatch Front in an effort to improve community access to train stations and bus stops.

“This project helps meet UTA’s first and last mile mission,” said UTA Board of Trustees Member Jeff Acerson, who represents Utah County on the board.