Spring is here, and with it comes a new crop of Prop 1 improvements in Weber and Davis counties. Work has just been completed to improve 15 bus stops along Ogden’s Washington Boulevard by adding cement pads, shelters, benches and garbage cans.

The cement pads allow riders in wheelchairs or those with limited mobility to enter and exit the bus without having to navigate grass and curbs. Benches and shelters are designed to keep riders shaded and comfortable as they wait for the bus.

Over the last several years, 45 bus stops on Washington Boulevard and Riverdale Road have been enhanced, most using funds from Proposition 1, a sales tax measure passed in 2015 to pay for transportation improvements.  Eventually, UTA Engineering and Construction Planner Jake Splan said, UTA hopes to improve accessibility at every stop along Washington Boulevard.

“This has increased accessibility to communities and neighborhood by significant margins,” he said. “UTA is working on improving every stop along this corridor and anticipates work taking another three years.”

UTA’s construction team is currently working to add concrete pads to 12 stops on route 628, Layton and Clearfield’s free Midtown Trolley. UTA also plans to enhance bus stops and add sidewalk near Highway 89 and Crestwood Drive in South Ogden, add a section of sidewalk to connect a bus stop to a school near 1900 W. 2000 North in Sunset and add amenities to an Ogden bus stop near Harrison and 36th Street that was highlighted for improvement by riders. 

All told, more than 100 new Prop 1 projects will be completed in Weber and Davis counties this year. An interactive map that will allow the public to see a complete list of Prop 1 improvements is coming soon to the rideuta.com website.


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