Innovations require policy changes and updated laws

As new technologies and ways of doing things disrupt transportation and other industries, it’s vital for public policy and governmental involvement to keep up with the changes. For example, local, state and federal laws need to be modified to allow use of autonomous vehicles on city streets, highways and freeways.

UTA stays engaged with other transportation agencies, such as the Utah Department of Transportation, WFRC and MAG, to share information about regulations and laws that may require future changes to accommodate innovative projects in development or being considered for possible future implementation.

UTA's involvement

UTA partners with numerous organizations to meet specific service needs and to improve the regional transportation network. These include:

  • Redwood Road connected vehicles project
  • Provo/Orem Bus Rapid Transit project
  • Utah Valley Rides
  • Tooele Shuttle
  • Utah Ride Link

More about Partnerships and Public Policy

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