“Mobility as a Service,” or MaaS, is what makes this future scenario possible.

MaaS is a dynamic model that uses a unified portal – such as a smartphone app or website – to link individuals with a wide range of services from public and private transportation providers. The service organizes and manages the trip, which may include combining one or more services to meet an individual’s specific needs. One fare – whether one or multiple services were used – is debited from your account after your trip is complete.

American Dream Ideas Challenge

UTA partnered with UDOT and the City of Salt Lake to participate in the American Dream Ideas Challenge in 2018-2019. The proposal sought to save middle-class citizens significant transportation-related expenses through a partnership between several service providers who would create a new mobility-as-a-service pilot project. The team made it to the top three finalists and although they didn’t win the big prize, work to achieve Mobility-as-a-Service continues at UTA.

Convenient, customized choices

The number and variety of mobility choices for individuals and communities is growing rapidly, providing customizable options that can completely transform how people get from one place to another. An integrated, convenient, door-to-door transit experience, for example, would make it easier for people to drive less or even eliminate reliance on a personal vehicle completely.

In addition to improving individuals’ lives, these alternative, or “microtransit,” options can also help address first mile/last mile issues, reduce traffic congestion, increase efficiency and improve air quality throughout the Wasatch Front region.

Microtransit services vary in how they operate based upon the region they serve and a community’s transportation needs. Components of microtransit can include:

  • On-demand service
  • Call ahead service
  • Subscription service
  • Scheduled service points
  • Connections to fixed route transit services
  • Connections to popular locations
  • Smaller vehicles
  • Electric vehicles
  • Accessible vehicles
  • Smart phone applications for scheduling and payment
  • Telephone scheduling

UTA's mobility innovations

UTA On Demand by Via Microtransit Pilot
UTA is partnering with Via, a leader in on demand shared rides, and launched a new microtransit pilot service in southern Salt Lake County. For more details about the pilot project visit the UTA On Demand by Via page or review the project's executive summary.

Future services
UTA is currently exploring microtransit solutions throughout our service area, to meet first mile/last mile needs. Including linking to popular locations and connect transit stations with businesses.

APTA Mobility Innovation Hub
The Mobility Innovation Hub is an interactive portal to share information on how transit agencies are leveraging new technology and innovation to improve mobility.

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