Snow routing occurs when UTA buses are unable to follow their regular route due to inclement weather. If there is a substantial amount of snow or ice on the roads, buses will avoid steep hills in favor of safer routes. Snow routing only affects select UTA bus routes and is only put into place during or immediately after severe weather. Once roads are cleared, buses will resume their regular routes.

For all snow routing alerts and notifications, download Transit—UTA’s official app. Subscribe to your favorite routes to get alerts delivered to your phone in real time.

info-circle What to Expect

When routes are placed on snow routing, a notification will be posted on UTA’s Twitter feed. UTA’s website home page will be updated with a snow routing alert.

When a bus is on snow routing, it will detour from its regular route. You may need to catch your bus at a different location during this time. You can refer to your route’s specific snow routing map (see below) to determine where to catch the bus. If you need assistance, please call 801-743-3882 or contact us on Twitter at @RideUTA.

info-circle Snow Routing Tips

  • Routes that may be affected by snow routing will have snow routing signs on bus stops.
  • Please note that buses will only stay on snow routing until road conditions improve, at which time they will resume their regular routes. We recommend you check to see if your bus is still on snow routing before starting your trip by calling 801-743-3882 or contacting us on Twitter at @RideUTA.
  • Routes 6 and 11 have multiple options for snow routing, depending on the severity of road conditions. Check Twitter or contact Customer Service to see which snow route the bus will use.
  • Follow us on Twitter or the Transit App to ensure that you receive snow routing alerts.

info-circle Snow Routing Routes

The following routes may go on snow routing.

Salt Lake County
Route 2X
Route 3
Route 6 (Multiple snow routing options, follow us on Twitter or contact Customer Service for details)
Route 9
Route 11 (Multiple snow routing options, follow us on Twitter or contact Customer Service for details)
Route 17
Route 33
Route 35
Route 35M
Route 39
Route 45
Route 72
Route 220
Route 313
Route 354
Route 455
Route 461
Route 462
Route 473
Route 902
Route F94

Weber/Davis Counties
Route 455
Route 473
Route 603
Route 612
Route 625
Route 627
Route 640
Route 645
Route 650

Utah County
Route 811
Route 822
Route 830X (UVX)
Route 831

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