We’re excited to offer a new communication tool to our riders! Starting June 11th you will be able to sign up for email or text notifications for the UTA routes you use. Our new Service Alerts will provide information about bus detours, major rail delays, and any system-wide disruptions and they’ll be provided seven days a week. That’s right, as part of this new tool, our social media customer service team will be available seven days a week, supporting our Sunday bus and TRAX riders.

Staying in the vein of providing just the right amount of information, here are seven things you should know about our new Service Alerts.

1 - Sign up only for the routes you want to know about.
You have the option to select all three TRAX lines or just the one line you use as part of your commute. Perhaps you live or work in downtown Salt Lake and you want to be notified about all the bus routes at the stop closest to you. In other words, you pick and choose the routes you want to be in the know about.

2 - Choose your preferred way to receive alerts: email or text.
Customize how you get service alerts. You can choose email or text or both — whatever works for you.

3 - Change preferences or unsubscribe at any time.
Life changes all the time. By using your subscriber preferences you can unsubscribe from all our alerts or change the routes you want to receive alerts about.

4 - Be notified about detours, changes, and when they are cleared.
We’ll notify subscribers that their route is on detour, notify them if something changes (maybe it goes longer than expected), and notify them when their route has returned to normal service.

5 - Be notified of major rail delays.
We don’t want to send you too many alerts, so we’ll let you know if our rail is experiencing significant delays or disruptions. For FrontRunner that means 20 minutes or more and for TRAX 15 minutes or more.

6 - Be notified of system-wide disruptions.
In 2020 we’ve experienced public health concerns with COVID-19, an earthquake, and more recently protests, all of which have affected our service. If you subscribe, we’ll keep you informed of any system-wide or large disruptions to our service as they happen.

7 - Complements our other rider tools.
We will continue to maintain our other rider tools. You can still find out when your next bus will arrive with Ride Time. You can still see where TRAX is at via Transit and we will continue to provide frequent rail updates through Twitter, as well as, other rider alerts across our social media channels.

Now all you have to do is sign up. Go to rideuta.com/signup, enter your preferred communication channel (you can go back to the sign-up page to add the other one if you want both), confirm your information and then select the lists and routes you want to be alerted of.

When you’re signing up you may notice an option called Rider Insider. This is a new rider-focused newsletter that we’ll begin sending out in the fall. Subscribe now to make sure you receive our premier edition.

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