There’s a new way to get to some of your favorite Davis County destinations – UTA’s new F605 bus route. The route travels through Centerville, Bountiful and Woods Cross, providing easy access to major shopping centers, parks and recreation areas, schools and hospitals. The route also connects to Woods Cross FrontRunner station as well as routes 470 and 455. Because the F605 is a flex route, you can also preschedule a route deviation to reach a location not served by the bus’s scheduled route.
F605 Schedule
Route F605 began service on Dec. 3 and runs Monday through Friday from approximately 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. You see the schedule here.
Where can I go on route F605?
Davis County’s newest bus route hits many major points of interest, including Legacy Crossing, the Target/Walmart shopping area near Parrish Lane in Centerville, the Gateway Crossing shopping center in Bountiful, Bountiful and Viewmont high schools, the South Davis Recreation Center, Lakeview and South Davis Community hospitals, Woods Cross FrontRunner station and more.
How Does a Flex Route Work?
Flex routes are open to all riders and operate much like our fixed-route bus service. Unlike a typical bus route, however, riders can call ahead to schedule a route deviation within 3/4 mile of the regular route. This is a great way to reach a home or business that’s not accessible by fixed-route service.
Customers can call 801-287-7433 between 8:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. Monday through Friday to schedule a route deviation. Deviation requests can be made between two hours and seven days in advance. If you need a trip before 11 a.m., the request must be made the day before. Route deviations cost $1.25, plus regular bus fare.
How much does it cost to ride route F605?
Flex routes require regular bus fare of $2.50, plus $1.25 if you’d like to schedule a route deviation. Regular riders may want to consider a FAREPAY card, which provides a 40 percent discount off regular bus fare.


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