Schedule changes to many UTA bus and rail lines are coming Sunday, Dec. 2, 2018. The FrontRunner schedule will be adjusted to improve reliability, ski routes will begin service for the winter season and a new flex route will open in Davis County. Read on for change day details, and please contact us on TwitterFacebook or by phone at 801-RIDE-UTA (743-3882) with questions or concerns.

Where can see if my route is changing?

Check our change day brochure or see our change day details page. New schedules can also be found on individual route pages. Change day information will be listed in the upper right hand corner of each route page.

When will changes take place?

Changes will be implemented on Sunday, Dec. 2, 2018 unless otherwise noted.

How do I get help figuring out the new schedules or planning a trip?

Contact us on Twitter or Facebook or call customer service at 801-RIDE-UTA (743-3882). We’re happy to explain our new schedules and help you plan your trip. Our trip planner will reflect new schedules for all trips planned after Dec. 2.

FrontRunner Changes

Some arrival and departure times are changing to improve FrontRunner on-time performance. This change will only affect weekday trains at stations between Provo and North Temple. See the new FrontRunner schedule here.

TRAX/S-Line Changes

There will be no changes to TRAX or the S-Line schedules.

Weber, Davis and Box Elder County Changes

Route 470 is being adjusted to better serve Davis Technical College and improve FrontRunner connections. There have been minor schedule adjustments for routes 612, 630 and 645. Service will start on a new flex route that serves Bountiful and Centerville. See new bus schedules here.

 Salt Lake County Changes

Service on routes 6 and 213 will be adjusted to more efficiently serve the Union Building and University of Utah Hospital. The new weekday schedules will vary in the morning and afternoon – please see the change day brochure for details or the new schedules here.

Routes 11, 47, 201, 218, 228, 509, 513 and 526 are changing to maintain or improve FrontRunner connections. Routes 35, 35M, 200, 240 and 307 are also changing to improve reliability. See new Salt Lake County schedules here. 

Utah County Changes

UVX will begin operation in dedicated lanes and serve all center stations. Minor adjustments will be made to the UVX schedule. Southbound UVX trips will also serve the East Bay area.

Expect minor schedule changes to routes 809, 821,831, 833, 834, 841, 850, 862, 863 and 864. See new Utah County schedules here

Flex Routes

Routes F514 and F534 will see minor adjustments for better FrontRunner connections. Route F618 will also have minor schedule adjustments. New route F605 will begin service in Davis County. See new flex route schedules here.

Ski/Park City Service

Ski service begins on 953 (Snowbird/Alta), 972 (Brighton/Solitude) and 994 (Snowbird/Alta) on Saturday, Dec. 1. Service on route 880 to Sundance begins Dec. 15. Routes 674 (Powder Mountain), 675 (Snowbasin), 677 (Powder Mountain) also begin Dec. 15. Route 677 will now feature a permanent stop in Mountain Green. See new ski schedules here. 

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