Thank you for visiting the Point of the Mountain Transit Study website. We invite you to tell us your priorities, comments, questions and concerns related to public transit around the Point of the Mountain. The input form at the bottom of this page will be available through June 3, 2020.

The Point of the Mountain Transit Study is a partnership of governments and agencies exploring transit corridor improvements for the rapidly growing communities of southern Salt Lake County and northern Utah County. The desired outcome of the transit study will be the identification of a Preferred Alternative. The Preferred Alternative will identify the:

  • Transit corridor (locations to be served)
  • Transit mode (type of transit service)

The study kicked off in the summer of 2019 and has performed the following steps:

Initial Alternative Evaluation

We held a public open house in November 2019 to share information about the project and ask for feedback. Click here to review the materials from the November 2019 open house. Given the challenging times we face today, we’d like to utilize this online platform to provide updates on the study and provide the opportunity to hear from you about our work done to date. Since our last public open house, we have:

Developed transit alternatives – this include 5 alternatives, with options on the east and west side of I-15 and that utilize both light rail transit, bus rapid transit, and enhanced bus technologies

Evaluated alternatives – alternatives were evaluated for a variety of factors, such as transit ridership, cost, land use, environmental, and other factors

Maps showing the alternatives, and the results of the alternative evaluation can be found here.

Next Steps and Detailed Evaluation

Based on the findings from the initial evaluation and with input from the public, the following next steps are proposed:

  • Perform additional testing to evaluate if potential refinements could improve alternative performance (May-June). This could include combining modes (i.e. light rail transit and bus rapid transit) to create “hybrid” alternatives and exploring alignment modifications along portions of the alternatives.
  • Based on public outreach and alternative testing, define the alternatives to be studied in greater detail (June).
  • Evaluate the remaining alternatives in greater detail (June-July). This will include additional detailed analysis of cost, ridership, land use and economic development factors, and potential impacts to the natural and built environment (including traffic impacts).

Share Your Feedback

We appreciate the comments submitted by the community. As of June 5, 2020, this informal comment period is now closed. If you would like to continue to submit general comments, please use the form on the main Point of the Mountain project page. We will document your input and include it with all other comments in the analysis. Note that additional public comment periods (informal as well as formal) will continue through subsequent stages of the project. We will publicize these opportunities through the media and our participating cities, as we have done thus far.

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