Make a difference

Brag alert. Our operators are awesome. Every day they make a difference in the lives of thousands of passengers. Imagine, last year alone, they helped riders make 46.5 million trips to work, school and more. That’s 46.5 million fewer car trips each year. Think of the improved quality of life, reduced traffic and healthier air-quality our operators made. You could make that positive impact, too. 

Commercial Driver License

A CDL is not required to apply for the position.  You must pass the written portion of the CDL exam and have your CDL permit with the air brakes and passenger endorsement prior to starting UTA’s five week training.  The driving portion of the CDL test will be completed during training.

CDL Handbook

Provides driver license testing information for drivers who wish to have a commercial driver license (CDL). 

Wages and Training

UTA’s training wage is $17.00 per hour.  Once you have graduated training, the wage is $20.94 per hour with regular increases up to $25.19 per hour.  This is a four year pay progression.

Quick Testimonials

“I love working as a Bus Operator because I feel like I am working with family.  I enjoy being part of a team and appreciate the safe environment UTA provides.  My benefits and opportunities to grow within the company are great.  I really love my job!”—Christian, 2 years at UTA.

Getting Personal

Our operators do more than just drive—they lift. Many of these operators know their regular riders by name. They share smiles while taking people safely to their destinations. They brighten their day. Our bus operators are real people, too, with cool interests and hobbies.  Here are some videos of the cool operators who work with us.

Meet Shakir, Bus Operator & Iraqi Refugee

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