Improved bus route identification kits are now available for riders with visual impairments. Also known as “flip cards”, these kits are designed to help riders board the correct bus when waiting at a stop that serves multiple routes. Riders use braille to select the appropriate cards then hold the kit up when a bus arrives to help operators know which route they are waiting for.

UTA has been working with its citizen advisory group, the Committee on Accessible Transportation (CAT), to make these cards easier for riders to use. New versions of the kit have an erasable white board page where riders can write their own message, a page that says “Assistance Needed” and “North” and “South” signs for riders waiting to board a train.

UTA ADA Compliance Officer Cherissa Alldredge said she has been working with bus and rail employees to teach them to watch for the signs and help riders using them. Kits are free to riders and can be picked up any UTA customer service location. Riders can also request one by mail by contacting Alldredge at 801.287.3536.