Do you know someone who needs help learning to ride UTA? In addition to our comprehensive and easy-to-use online resources, we also have a free travel training program designed to help groups and individuals learn to ride our trains and buses. 

UTA travel trainers are available to show new riders how to read schedules, get to and from bus stops and rail stations, pay their fare and more. Travel trainers will ride the bus or train with the trainee to ensure that they’re familiar with the system before they ride solo. Our travel training program can be customized to meet the needs of organizations or individuals and is perfect for seniors, teens, first-time riders and people with disabilities.

In-person travel training is available in English, Spanish and Samoan. UTA is working with inWhatLanguage to better serve Utah’s immigrant and refugee communities by translating training materials into Spanish, French, Arabic, Somali, Nepali, Swahili and Burmese. Learn more about the effort here.

The travel training program is especially beneficial for people like Hipolito, a person UTA travel trainer Doraleen Taulanga recently assisted. Hipolito was new to the Ogden area and used a power wheelchair. He had relied on UTA’s paratransit service for transportation, but wanted something that offered more flexibility at a lower cost. Taulanga helped Hipolito learn to use FrontRunner and the bus to ride to Layton and local shopping centers. After three trips together, he was confident enough to ride the system on his own.

“He was used to having more independence, so his confidence level was really low,” Taulanga said. “Once he learned to ride on his own, he felt like it was so much easier, and he was so grateful.”

UTA Travel Trainer Rha’Gene Beal is a former bus operator, and uses his experience behind the wheel to teach new riders how to use UTA. Beal said he and other trainers taught 160 people how to ride in the last year alone.

“We want people to experience that freedom and independence,” Beal said.

To learn more about UTA’s Travel Training, click here or call 801-287-2275.