Commuting when it’s hot outside is not easy. You leave the comfort of your AC at home or office and step into what feels like a blazing hot oven, but with no reward of food at the end. It doesn’t matter if it’s “dry heat”, what matters is that the sweat is dripping into your eyes, your pits are leaking down your arms and then you feel droplets run down your back. The heat can make us irritable and uncomfortable. This is what we call hrumpy = hot + grumpy.

Here are a few things that can be done to make your trips more bearable and less hrumpy.

Make sure to carry a bottle of water. In the heat you tend to get dehydrated, drinking water helps keep you cool and hydrated.

Wear a Hat
Wear a wide brim hat to keep the sun off your face and give you some relief. If you’re not a fan of sweaty hat hair, take a compact umbrella instead. This gives you more shade than a hat and keeps you looking presentable for work.

Wear Sunscreen
This is very important. You don’t want the threat of eventual skin cancer in your future and you likely don’t want to look like your grandma’s old leather bag. Find sunscreen that is 30+ and apply before you leave. There are great options out there and you can get lotions or sprays. For those who wear makeup, look for foundation that includes sunscreen.

Wear Breathable Clothing
Wear fabric like cotton or linen that is breathable so it helps keep you cooler. There are also some great wick away fabrics that help wick moisture away from your skin. This type of fabric is great in a long sleeve shirt which can also protect your delicate skin.

Bring a Fan
We’re not talking about your super-cool oscillating fan from Sharper Image here. This is the good old hand-powered variety. Moving air across your skin helps you cool down. You can pick up a foldable fan at places like Walmart or Amazon. If you still have space in your pack, pick up handheld battery-powered misting fan.

Find your favorite album or artist and plug in. This can help ease your mind and get you in a good mood. Just make sure you’re paying attention to the announcements so you don’t miss your stop.

Freshen Up
At the end of your commute you may want to freshen up and get rid of some of that salty sweat. Bring with you a handkerchief to wipe your brow or grab a pack of cleansing wipes. Dollar stores have great little packets of wipes, perfect for travel.

We understand that commuting in the heat is less than ideal, but hopefully with these tips it’ll make it a little easier. Thank you for riding with us and stay cool.