As part of its commitment to the public to conduct business in a more transparent way and to make board meetings more accessible to everyone, UTA will begin live streaming its Board of Trustees meetings starting June 28.

Those wishing to see UTA Board meetings live online can access the feed by either clicking on the banner from the agency’s homepage ( or by clicking on the button on the Board of Trustees page. The video feed is also available for viewing on UTA’s YouTube channel.

“As a board, we are excited to begin live streaming our regular UTA board meetings,” said UTA Board Vice Chair Sherrie Hall Everett. “Live streaming allows everyone to see the decision-making process in real time and shows we, as a board, are committed to increasing public engagement and transparency for the agency.”

After each board meeting, the video recordings will be archived on UTA’s YouTube channel and webpage. Links to recordings of past board meetings can be found on the Agenda and Minutes section on the Board of Trustees page. 

UTA Board meetings are typically scheduled the last Wednesday of each month. There are some exceptions, so refer to the “Board and Committee Meetings” calendar found in the Board of Trustees section on

A video introduction for UTA’s live streaming effort, featuring Board of Trustees Vice-Chair Sherrie Hall Everett, is also available on UTA’s YouTube channel.

Live streaming board meetings is just one of many reforms the Board of Trustees has undertaken to improve UTA’s transparency and accountability and to increase the public’s accessibility to the board’s business. Since last year, information about board action items has been posted on UTA’s website in advance of the board meeting for public comment, and during the board meeting public comment is taken on each action item prior to the board’s discussion and decision making.

In addition, over the past three years the board has implemented significant changes throughout the agency, including adopting new policies and procedures designed to build trust, increase transparency and expand public input. Some of these reforms include changing the agency’s travel policies and requiring board approval for all international trips, revamping UTA’s transit-oriented development program and policies, and adjusting compensation to bring agency salaries and benefits more in line with what is offered in the local marketplace.

Learn more about all of UTA’s reforms and changes here.