Setting goals for 2017? Let us help! Riding public transit is a great way to get more exercise, save cash, reduce commuting stress and help the environment. 

Get In Shape

Get out of your car and into an active lifestyle. UTA makes it easy to incorporate biking and walking into your commute. We offer bike racks on TRAX, bike cars on FrontRunner and bike lockers at rail stations. UTA also provides connections to GREENbike’s 20 bike-sharing stations. The UTA system also connects to many major trail systems, like the Parley’s and Porter Rockwell trails. Look for better access to public transit through bike and sidewalk improvements coming this year.

Save Money

Looking to save on gas, car maintenance and parking fees? Try riding UTA. Our FAREPAY promotion has been extended through 2017, giving riders 40 percent off bus fare, 20 percent off TRAX and S-Line fare and up to 20 percent off FrontRunner fare when you pay with a reloadable FAREPAY card. We also offer monthly passes, as well as a Group Pass that allows up to four people to make a round trip by bus or rail for just $15.

Stress Less

Avoid traffic by riding UTA to work. When you let us do the driving, you can read, relax, work or catch a few zzz’s on your way to the office. Upgrades to our FrontRunner Wi-Fi system will be finished this month, providing you with reliable complimentary Internet service on the train. We’re also in the process of upgrading our express bus Wi-Fi system.

Clear the Air

Better air quality is a New Year’s resolution we can all get behind. One 7-mile commuter trip in a single-occupant vehicle produces 53 times more emissions than a commuter who bikes to a TRAX station and uses public transit. You can also start a UTA vanpool and share the expense of driving with coworkers, while taking up to 14 single-occupant cars off the road.