You may notice some new, brightly colored signs popping up at UTA TRAX and FrontRunner stations. We’re in the process of adding wayfinding signage to select locations to help riders reach nearby destinations.

Approximately 90 signs are being installed at eight stations: Ogden, North Temple, Airport, West Valley Central, Central Pointe, Murray Central and Orem. Signs are already in place at Ogden, North Temple, Murray and Salt Lake Central and will be added to the remaining four stations by the end of January.

We’re installing two types of signs. Color-coded area maps show transit-accessible landmarks like tourist attractions, government buildings, medical centers, shopping malls, schools and GREENbike stations. Other signs will provide information about destinations within walking distance and destinations that can be reached by bus.

This is an initial step in an ongoing effort to make the UTA system easier for both new and regular riders to use. If the signs prove helpful, we hope to add them to more locations. We welcome your feedback here.  

Shown below are two of the maps currently in use at North Temple Station. You can click maps to enlarge them.