Utah Transit Authority’s Safety and Education Program provides the opportunity for students and teachers to learn how to use public transportation safely, receive wristbands for a field trip on transit and learn about UTA’s system including its different modes of travel: bus, TRAX light rail and FrontRunner commuter rail.

The requirement to receive the wristbands has changed as of January 1, 2019. A UTA representative can be scheduled to come and present a 20-30 minute review of safety and educational materials. This will allow a group of minors and chaperones the use of UTA transit to go on a field trip of their choice. A safety video, documentation and wristbands will be provided to each teacher.

  • This is a once per year opportunity.
  • Bus: Group limit of 35 people, including teachers, chaperones and students. (If you have more than 35 passengers, please divide into two or more groups.)
  • Rail: If your group has more than 50 people, please make sure to enter the exact train times for your departure and return trips (so that capacity can be added to specific trains as needed).
  • Plan to request your Safety and Education Program presentation at least 15 days before you need to take your trip, as adequate time needs to be given to process your request.

Due to UTA’s concern with safety, please make sure you have sufficient adult supervision for the size of your group and emphasize the safety rules.

To schedule the UTA presentation and receive the wristbands, please fill out the survey below. Once completed, a UTA representative will be in contact to finalize a date for the presentation. If you don’t have a group to bring on a field trip but would like to schedule a presentation, you will still need to fill out survey below.


For more information about our program please send an email to Education@RideUTA.com.

Please make sure you have sufficient adult supervision for the size of your group and emphasize the safety rules during your trip.