The next time you're riding the free route 667 shuttle, you might feel as if you've traveled back in time. Don't let the wooden seats and the clanging bell fool you - you're still in 2018, but you're riding on one of UTA's unique trolley-style buses. 

The trolley bus began service today on this Davis County route, serving Station Park shops, the Farmington Health Center, Lagoon and other local businesses. No fare is required for this route, as the cost is subsidized through a partnership between UTA and local businesses. 

Farmington Mayor Jim Talbot said the trolley-style bus will set Farmington apart from other cities while helping the 12,000 people who arrive in the city daily to shop or visit Lagoon safely reach their destinations. 

"We now have a great opportunity for people to continue to have a safe way to go over I-15, go into both parts of Farmington, the east part and the west part, safely without accident," he said.

The trolley bus was built by California-based bus manufacturer Gillig and customized by Cable Car Classics. It features trolley-style flourishes in red and gold, with wooden seats inside. Another trolley bus began service on the Midtown Trolley route 628 in Layton in October. 

UTA Board Member Beth Holbrook said the trolley bus is an example of UTA's dedication to improving air quality and finding innovative ways to get people where they need to go. She said the trolley-style bus will be a draw for both tourists and locals who can easily connect from FrontRunner to the route.

"This is where we want to be and we're so excited," she said.