Improved Cottonwood Canyon Ski Service May Start as Early as Dec. 2

Earlier this fall, UTA opened a public comment period to gather feedback on proposed changes to Cottonwood canyons ski service. These changes will increase the number of canyon ski service trips by 35 percent, give ski bus riders access to more parking and improve connections with TRAX, FrontRunner and route 220 for improved service from downtown, the University of Utah and other areas of the valley. The new routes will also provide bus service all day, with 15-minute service during peak times.

Responding to Public Feedback

During the comment period, we received a lot of positive feedback and support for the changes. UTA also received concerned feedback from some riders who said that the proposed Dec. 18 start date for ski service was too late in the season. In response to these concerns, UTA agreed to start the new service on weekends, depending on the opening dates of the Cottonwood Canyon resorts.

Weekend ski service to Alta, Snowbird, Solitude and Brighton could start as early as Friday, Dec. 2, pending resort openings. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates. Weekday service in the Cottonwood Canyons and service to other ski resorts will start Dec. 17-18.

Why Change Ski Service?

UTA worked with riders and Cottonwood Canyon ski resorts to identify ways to improve ski bus service. We found that past years’ service – with limited ski bus rider parking, overcrowded buses, a lack of midday service and inconsistent frequency - sometimes discouraged skiers and snowboarders from riding the bus. The result was more drivers on the roads, traffic congestion to and from resorts, and an increased environmental toll on our canyon roads and air.

2016-2017 Ski Service

Ski bus routes will be streamlined to three routes, routes 953, 972 and 994. Routes 951, 952 and 954, 960 and 962, 990 and 992 have been eliminated. Other bus and rail schedule changes will still take place on our scheduled Change Day, Sunday, Dec. 18. Those changes will be posted at on or before Nov. 18.

Ski service on routes 953, 972 and 994 will now run on the dates scheduled below.

Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon Early Ski Service Calendar (Pending Resort Openings)

Friday-Sunday, December 2-4

Friday-Sunday, Dec. 9-11

Friday-Saturday, Dec. 16-17

Regular ski service will start at all participating resorts on Sunday, Dec. 18. Service on route 677 to Snowbasin will start Dec. 17.

UTA appreciates public input on this and other issues, and seeks to incorporate riders’ ideas and suggestions when possible. To leave feedback on this or other UTA issues, click here.