LDS Business College (LDSBC) is looking to provide transit passes for their students, faculty, and staff beginning Fall semester 2018. Please watch for further information from LDSBC. In the meantime, you can consider purchasing one of the following:


FAREPAY card holders save 40 percent off local bus fare and 20 percent off TRAX, S-Line and up to 20 percent off of FrontRunner and Express Bus fares. FrontRunner savings vary between 17 and 20 percent, depending on distance traveled. Save 18 percent off Express Bus fare. Services not included in this offer are Ski, Park City Connect and Paratransit.

To buy a FAREPAY Card, click here.

GoRide Phone APP:

  • Download the new UTA GoRide Mobile Ticketing app.
  • No need to have exact change or find a ticket vending machine.
  • You can purchase multiple fares at one time.
  • Purchase and use tickets for multiple riders.
  • Purchase and store tickets on your phone for future use.
  • For more information on the GoRide App, click here.