Image of Man Boarding Express BusIn today's competitive market, keeping good employees is a challenge. One way to retain good employees is to make commuting to work easier.

An Eco Pass is a company-sponsored annual transit pass employees can use to ride the train or the bus to commute to work and also for personal transportation. Eco Pass saves your company money; specifically parking fees, real estate costs, and tax credits. And it cuts down on traffic, the number one source of pollution along the Wasatch Front.

Eco Pass pricing is based on the level of transit service at each separate business location. Sponsoring companies must employ a minimum of 35 persons and passes must be purchased for ALL employees at the work location. A one-year contract is required. An Eco Pass representative will create a personal quote for your business. Many companies choose to subsidize the program and use it for a recruiting tool. Consequently, progressive programs like the Eco Pass can help build employee loyalty.

Image of Sample Eco PassInitiating the Eco Pass program at your company is simple. A UTA representative will work closely with you to introduce the program to your employees. You will also be provided with information on the best routes and times for your employees to get to and from work. Employees get an Eco Pass Card for their company, or a company employee ID card that is compatible with UTA's Electronic Fare Collection (EFC) System which is activated to ride UTA. That is all it takes to ride UTA trains and buses anywhere they go. (Ski bus, Park City - SLC Connect bus and special services are excluded.)

What about emergencies? How do employees get home if their schedules change and they work later than expected? A Guaranteed Ride Home program answers this question and is included with the Eco Pass program at no charge to the employee or company. Another reason the Eco Pass program is so successful.

Notice: UTA offers two Eco Pass options: Regular and Premium. The Regular Eco Pass will have a per ride fare value of $2.50 and the Premium Eco Pass will have a per ride fare value of $5.50. A Regular Eco pass is good for full fare on regular bus service and TRAX, and valid on express buses and FrontRunner as partial fare of $2.50, with additional fare required to meet the full premium fare. Pass holders may purchase a “Premium Upgrade Pass” which is good for unlimited travel on TRAX, all buses including express buses, and FrontRunner for one calendar month when presented with an Eco Pass. Premium Upgrade Passes are available online, at UTA Ticket Information Center (TIC) pass outlets, and some employers.

Online Eco Pass Renewal Form

You can now renew your Eco Pass online!

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