What should be the Priorities for UTA's Bus Service?

Transit is asked to serve many different goals, including:

  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Improve air quality
  • Stimulate development in urban centers
  • Provide an affordable transportation alternative to driving
  • Get people to jobs and school
  • Provide service to everyone who pays for transit
  • Connect people to social services

UTA has a limited budget, so doing more of one thing can mean doing less of another. That’s why we need to hear about your priorities. [jump to survey map]

Two of these conflicting goals are: Ridership (attracting as many riders as possible) and Coverage (being available in as many places as possible, even if not many people ride). Both goals are both important, but they lead in opposite directions. UTA is asking the community to help determine the appropriate balance between ridership and coverage.

This image depicts a fictional town with 18 buses to deploy. There are streets on the map shown as lines, and there are dots which represent people. The dots are clustered to show higher density in population and jobs in various areas of the map. The image asks the question: how should transit be designed to best meets the needs of the community?

This image shows two separate maps. The map on the left shows the 18 buses assigned to the major streets where there is a higher density of people and jobs. The map on the right shows the 18 buses spread evenly on all the roads, even where there are fewer people and fewer jobs. The map on the left is representation of ridership focus, and the map on the right is a representation of coverage focus.

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