Construction Information

Construction on some of Provo and Orem’s busiest roads will be a challenge, but the project team is committed to minimizing impacts to drivers, businesses and the streetscape.

Access to all businesses along the project corridor will be maintained during construction. The goal is to keep traffic moving and help people get to and from local businesses. Mitigation plans are being put in place to handle construction issues like noise and dust and potential changes to landscaping, parking and local events. The project team is currently meeting with businesses and residents along the project route to discuss and address their concerns that may arise during construction.

The contractor has established a dedicated 24-hour construction hotline. If you have any questions about construction, or would like to schedule a construction presentation for your business or organization, please contact our 24-hour hotline at 888-661-8806.

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Rules Of The Road
  • Maintain safe and efficient access
  • Minimize impacts
  • Develop mutually beneficial solutions that work
  • Keep you informed about the project

Project Map

As construction information becomes available, updates will be made to provide more details for each section.