Information to get you where you want to go

Information is key to providing customers with the convenient and cost-efficient trips they expect. But the world is awash in data and finding and using the information that helps improve transit trips can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Information is crucial to our efforts to improve transit service and build partnerships with public and private entities to create seamless mobility experiences.

Two of the main ways we’re improving service by gathering and analyzing operational and rider data (no personal information is used) are to improve convenience and reliability for customers and to advance UTA’s information and computer systems.

Crunching "Big Data"

The transportation tech revolution is powered by “Big Data,” which refers to crunching lots of digital information to, among other things, analyze how people get from one place to another.

By combining that kind of data with UTA’s own databases, service routes can be fine-tuned to be more convenient for the greatest number of riders, as well as more cost-effective. We can also identify patterns to find routes that are underserved or underserved, and to detect new route opportunities.

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