Service - We_provide_dependable,_reliable,_and_frequent transit_service_to_meet_the_needs_of_our

People - We_provide_a_customer_experience_that_is_easy to_understand,_comfortable,_efficient,_and_safe.

Environment - We_are_leaders_in_improving_the_health of_our_region.

Community - We_involve_the_communities_we_serve_to design_service_that_is_inclusive_and_increases access_to_opportunity.

Stewardship - We_are_responsible_with_the_financial_and physical_resources_entrusted_to_us_by_the

Miles per Bus Service Interruption

18,000 goal
29,476 actual
UTA seeks to minimize interruptions to trips from bus mechanical issues. This metric measures the distance in miles between interruptions.

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Number of Avoidable Accidents

1.0 goal
1.01 actual
Unfortunately, accidents occasionally happen despite extensive operator training. UTA measures the number of avoidable accidents per 100,000 miles.

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Percent of On-Time Performance

88% goal
92% actual
Dependable service is critical. This means trains depart at their scheduled time, and buses depart no more than 5 minutes past the scheduled time.

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Percent of Issues Resolved in One Call

60% goal
49% actual
UTA works to address customer issues as effectively and quickly as possible, and many case can be closed after a single call to customer service.

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Percent Change in Top Complaint: Ticket Vending Machine Repairs

60% goal
68% actual
UTA tracks improvements addressing our customers’ most common concerns. This metric measures the percent change in the top complaint from the 2016.

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Average Time to Resolve Issue

7 days goal
3 days actual
UTA works to resolve complaints as thoroughly as possible. This measures the number of days between receipt of the customer complaint and resolution.

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Pounds of Seasonal Air Pollutants Prevented

1,510,176 goal
538,000 actual
This measures the amount of air pollution (NOX in summer and PM 2.5 in winter) prevented by people choosing to ride transit rather than driving cars.

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Total Building Energy Use

110,809 MBTU goal
36,447 MBTU actual
Energy conservation is helping UTA to reduce its carbon footprint. This measures total annual energy use (electricity, natural gas) in UTA buildings.

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Percent of Low Emission Vehicles in Fleet

60% goal
61% actual
UTA is working to increase its fleet of low emission vehicles. This measure includes vehicles fueled by natural gas, electricity, and clean diesel.

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Percent of Minority/Low Income People with Access to System

80% goal
77.00% actual
This metric measures the percentage of all minority and low-income populations in UTA’s Service Area that have reasonable access to transit service.
75.8% of the minority population has reasonable access
77.5% of low-income persons have reasonable access

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Number of Partnerships with Local Governments

35 goal
41 actual
This measures the number of collaborations between UTA and Regional Governmental partners with the goal of advancing regional transportation goals.

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Number of Public Impressions

20 goal
30 actual
UTA strives to be open and accessible. This measures the number of annual interactions with the public via Open UTA.

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Bond Rating

AA or better goal
AA actual
A bond rating is a score assigned by independent agencies to measure the credit quality of a bond and the financial strength of the issuing entity.

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Vehicle State of Good Repair

88% goal
81% actual
UTA works to maintain or replace vehicles to ensure they are in good condition. This measure is the number of vehicles that are replaced on schedule.

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Efficiency as Compared to Peer Agencies

Top 25% goal
Top 33% actual
UTA strives to be efficient with its financial resources. This metric compares UTA’s efficiency against comparable agencies in terms of cost per mile.

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