Utah Transit Authority Board Statement on Board Governance and Committee Meetings

In light of recent public interest in the meeting structure of the Utah Transit Authority, attached is a recent report summarizing the work that has been done to examine the issue and make real change for the better on how UTA shares its information with the public.

As announced in May, the UTA Board of Trustees has been taking several steps to make the agency more transparent and accountable to the public. One way we have done this is by moving all decision making from the Standing Committees to the full board, and increasing public access by posting information about action items online in advance of meetings and seeking public comment online. In addition, public comment is allowed at the board meeting for each action item on the agenda.

As part of this effort, the board has also been reevaluating its committee structure in an effort to improve communication among all board members, improve the effectiveness of board and staff interaction, and to keep the public informed and involved. During this time of transition, the Standing Committee meetings have not been held, with the exception of the Executive Committee. Staff has met with each board member individually to get their input, and have studied how other transit agencies and public entities structure their meetings.

The UTA board is in the process of selecting new officers, and once that is done, we will soon come to a final decision on our committee structure. All committee meetings will be open to the public. While the process of restructuring is underway, it has been necessary for the business of UTA to continue. As a result, informal discussions are taking place between staff and board members that in no way violate Utah’s open meeting laws. We look forward to sharing more about our meeting restructuring with the public as soon as it is finalized, and reiterate our emphasis on greater transparency and public access. The UTA Board is schedule to have a thorough discussion in a public meeting regarding committee structure and board governance later this fall.

H. David Burton
Utah Transit Authority Board of Trustees